One of the most popular image editing apps for the Mac and iOS is Pixelmator, which is a fantastic image editing app that offers some unique features with a cheaper price tag over some of the other apps out there.

Today the developers of the app announced a new version of the Pixelmator app, which will be launching soon and will be called Pixelmator Pro.

They announced that this new Pixelmator Pro app will launch for the Mac at some point this fall, revealing the following about it:

Pixelmator Pro is a powerful, beautiful, and easy to use image editor. Featuring an elegant and streamlined single-window interface, it puts all the focus on the images you edit, rather than what’s around them. And with a design that is totally and completely Mac, it feels instantly familiar from the moment you first open the app. So image editing becomes simpler and more enjoyable than ever.

They also released the following trailer video to provide a quick look at it.

Sadly, that is about all that we have right now.

We will be sure to update you as we hear more closer to the launch date.

Before then, you can hit up the source link below to find out more.

Source Pixelmator

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