This week the BBC revealed their next piece of content that might just convince you to pick up a 4K TV, and this is with the release of Planet Earth II.

10 years ago, the BBC released the original Planet Earth to showcase what HD can do, and they amazed a lot of people, this year they are aiming to do that with the 4K resolution.

And as with every great wildlife documentary on the BBC, Attenborough will be narrating the documentary.

Sadly, the trailer for the show is not available in 4K, however, we do know that the BBC has shot the show in 4K and that it will join the Queen’s Speech in Ultra HD in the future, and could possibly be released in a UHD Blu-ray.

The BBC hasn’t revealed a full service roll-out for their 4K content yet, but we know that the show will be released in HD later this year.

Before that time, you can check out the trailer for Planet Earth II below.


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