We have known for some time now that the BBC shot and rendered their Planet Earth II series, however, they did not broadcast it in that format.

Thankfully, the BBC will still be using that footage with the launch of a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray copy of the series that was revealed earlier today and will be available for everyone from March 13th for £40.

You can also pre-order it today from a number of retailers, including Amazon, who currently has it listed for £39.99 in a version that includes both a 4K Blu-ray and a normal DVD copy, which you can grab via this link.

The version comes with full 4K playback with HDR (high dynamic range) compatibility as well as support for 5.1 DTS-HD soundtrack.

Of course, you will need a 4K HDR compatible TV and Blu-ray player in order to access it.

Lesley Johnson, operations director for BBC Worldwide explained the following about it:

“For the first time viewers can experience at home the picture quality viewed in the edit suite. The vastly improved compression of UHD Blu-ray with HDR means the experience is up to 10 times better than any broadcast or streaming service can provide.”

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