This week Snap Inc and the BBC revealed their plans to bring their latest Planet Earth series to more viewers.

In this announcement, they revealed that the two will be collaborating to bring the broadcaster’s popular nature show: Planet Earth II to the Snapchat service.

As part of this, the BBC will be showing a total of six mini shows of Planet Earth II in Snapchat’s Discover section within the Snapchat app, with things kicking off later this month.

They will be shorter versions that the original show, as Snapchat does have certain limits, however, they should be interesting to watch if you are interested in nature and documentaries.

Each mini-episode will last for between four and six minutes and will be exclusive to the Snapchat service, so if you are interested then you will have to download the Snapchat app on your iOS or Android device.

This mini-series will premiere on Snapchat on February 17th in the US, each of which will be shown a day before the main TV show is broadcasted in the US, coming after the series has already been shown in full in the UK.

For those who live in the US or Canada, you will be able to watch the full series of Planet Earth II on BBC America from February 18th.

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