There’s only a couple of times which I have looked at a Kickstarter project and immediately thought of backing it, the first was Broken Age, a game which amazes users with its looks and incredible story, the second is a recently launched project called Planets3.

Developed by a team called Cubical Drift, Planets3 is an idea which aims to mix the genres of adventure, RPG, dungeon crawler and building within a multiplayer universe that allows players to shape their own adventure within multiple planets, each of which is said to be composed of nearly 30 trillion blocks.

Taking the player through hand crafted landscapes and environments that feature voxel-based graphics and the “Long Distance Display Engine”, players can level-up their character by embarking upon various story-driven quests, and by building tools, habitation and vehicles.

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Along the way players will also be granted with various side quests that will allow them to unlock secrets within the game, as well as find special items.

Cubical Drift say that the game is about 10% through its development, but they are looking for $250,000 in funding in order to tackle the remaining 90% of the game’s development, after which they hope to release the first part of the game, Plants3: Race to Space for the PC in Autumn 2015.

You can find out more about the game and even pledge on their Kickstarter page, or even by watching the video below.

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