PlanetSide 2 has been in beta for a few months now, so as a beta tester myself I would like to say I have a pretty good idea of how the game works and spread some of my opinions on it, the game has now been released into the wild completely free, yup there’s no charge here, you simply load up Steam, click download and your ready to go.

If you didn’t get a chance to play PlanetSide 2 when it was in beta, PlanetSide 2 is basically a free-to-play MMOFPS or massively multiplayer online first person shooter, within which there’s a ton of fights and battles all performed in unbelievable graphic detail.

When you first start-up you can choose to play as either an infiltrator,  light assault, combat medic,engineer, heavy assault or in a max suit after which you can use your player to take control of tanks, assault aircrafts or any other vehicle that may be lying around.

Basically the idea of the game is to shoot other players within the game, which I have to say is in no way easy, as there are gigantic maps you can have ton of people within the game, it can take a few days to take over any territory.

the only objective of the game is to take over as many territories as you can, during the game you can take a look at the map in order to see how well you are doing to complete this objective, you can also capture specific territories for bonus points.

At the start of the game you will choose which zone you want to drop into and the game will then quite literally drop you there, instead of going all “lone wolf” you can also chose to join a squad who are on your team, this will make the game a little easier and will probably stop you from dying as much as re spawns are a lot easier in a team.

One of the greatest things about this game is that you can be happily walking around one minute, the next you are in a massive firefight between a ton of players, you never really know when another enemy squad will be round the corner, and as the maps are so massive there are a lot of corners.

Even though there are always a lot of chances to get killed in this game, players do seem to stick to their roles much like what you would normally see in Battlefield 3. Without this a game of this size with player roles is quite useless as you will basically just die way too much and without any help from a team you are more or less guaranteed to lose, in order to win you have to communicate and work as a team.

The great thing about this game is you are literally always on your toes, one moment you could be healing a teammate somewhere you think is safe, next moment your dead.

One thing that can get quite annoying about this game is the amount of bugs, which for a fairly new game is understandable but there really are a hell of lot, with floating corpses, players randomly flying around, running through walls, the list really goes on.

Alongside this error screens are defiantly not unknown, with a lot of players reporting unresponsive launchers, error screens and game crashes on the loading screens.

But that can all be forgiven once you see the incredible graphics, now I must mention you will need a heck of a gaming PC to run these kind of graphics but once you do you will start to notice the incredibly detailed textures within the game, weapons look spectacular, buildings also and some of the lighting effects are truly breathtaking.

Each weapon, vehicle and class can be leveled up to unbelievable amount, with sub-menus on each upgrade which allow you to further enhance and customise each function within that item, these however can only be purchased with Certification Points which are earned as you level up through the game, which is both a good and bad thing.

It’s good as it means players cannot just level up to an unbelievable level by throwing around some cash, but it’s bad as it means it can take a very long time to level up your gear in the game.

For example, at the time of writing this review my character is Battle Ranked 12, which has allowed to unlock a few things during the game, however I still feel like I have a ton more to go, meaning you feel as if you never really have the upper hand within a match.

However as you might have guessed not everything within PlanetSide 2 is exactly free, as some of the content within the game will need to be paid for, that said you don’t really have to but anything that’s not to say there isn’t a lot to choose from as there defiantly is, but Sony seems to have tucked it away to a place where it isn’t asking you to buy a new item every 5 minutes.

There is a virtual currency within the game which they have called Station Cash, this allow you to buy new accessories for vehicles or new guns for you player, it’s kind of like Team Fortress 2 where you can buy more stuff around the map as your team earns more points.

With the station cash you earn you can also buy other items that don’t exactly effect you gameplay, which allow you to change the look of your character, weapons or even vehicles/

When at a weapons station you can also swap your loadout on the fly, this allows you to easily change from something like a medic to a heavy assault when needed, such as if your base was getting attacked or you spawned to find there was way too many medics already there.

Controlling most of the vehicles within the game should be something you are used to with other games by now as it uses more or the same sort of mechanics you would normally expect within this kind of title.


This game is truly one of a kind, with huge epic battles that allow you to fight 50+ enemies all at the same time you truly are always in a firefight with no where on any map a safe spot, all of which can actually go on for days on end as all games are constantly ongoing and evolving you could literally be playing the same game for days on end none stop, alongside which one of the best features is PlanetSide 2’s attention to detail with awesome graphics (some of the best i have seen in a Free-to-play for a long time) and a great focus on teamwork.

However the lack of tutorials within the game can leave some new payers a bit confused, alongside which with such a huge focus on teamwork if you do stray away from the pack you will find that you die almost instantly, there’s also the huge issue of performance with this game, as even PCs of the top spec will not be able to play the game at max settings, meaning a lot of players will find a lot of lag or won’t be able to play at all.

However this game is certainly one you should try out if you think you have the specs for it, it’s certainly something unique and heck did I mention it’s free?

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