A new innovation has this week been revealed called Plastic, designed to bring all of your debit and credit cards into the 21st century, Plastic is able to store all of your cards onto one card.

To support all of these cards Plastic uses a number of payment technologies including Chip and Pin, NFC, QR Codes and RFID.

To make this secure Plastic will disable both the magnetic stripe and the NFC chip until you select the card you want to use, the card will also use a secure card PIN, a photo ID and a proximity alert feature that will send a message to your phone whenever it thinks you might have forgot your card, and if you lose the card there’s also a remote wipe feature that will allow you to destroy all of your data to stop it from falling into the wrong hands.

However one of my personal favourite features is the E-Ink display on the front, which can be used to show a range of different information without using to much power, this can show data such as card details, and even financial details such as your credit and debit card balance, whilst on the go.

There’s also an app that will allow you to view and manage all of this.

Finally the card has been designed to last, and as such Plastic will be software upgradeable, and rechargeable via wireless charging.

You can find out more about the card at the source link below, where you can also pre-order one for $155.

Source: Plastc

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