BBC just unveiled their latest update to it’s catch-up service, iPlayer which has been updated extensively with the new introduction of smart televisions and set-top boxes, with PS3 users getting first to look at the brand new design.

iPlayer has been a massive hit since it’s debut, with massive amount of users catching up on their favourite TV shows, the general manager of programmes on demand, Daniel Danker stated that the update was specifically designed for use on bigger screens:

“I don’t want to criticise an older project that has been so successful,” said Danker, “but we have gone back to first principles and designed this to be watched on televisions.”

Danker states that the television will always be the best place to watch shows, but does admit to tablet is fast becoming a popular medium for consuming TV shows,

BBC looking to make iplayer simpler

BBC iplayer - a new look

Alongside the better screen size the BBC has added some other cool features such as a better user interface, better search, grouped programmes and a new favourites feature. The BBC plans to roll out this update to a range of televisions and set-top boxes near you as soon as possible.

What do you think? Have you seen the update yet? What do you think about it?

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Via [TechRadar]

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