With just a day till the PlayStation 4 is released in North America, you can fell the anticipation to see just how next-gen the new consoles from both Sony and Microsoft are, however it might be a while to a lot of us get our hands on the actual system. Thankfully a selection of sites have already posted their reviews of the console to give us a quick look.

Check out our roundup of the reviews below.

Polygon : “Early adopters of the PS4 this fall are buying potential energy. We’re just waiting for a place to spend it.”

Engadget : “After a marathon week with the PlayStation 4, we feel confident in saying it will be worth your hard-earned money when it goes on sale tomorrow. For $400, you’re getting a speedy, powerful little PC with an extremely friendly user interface — and it doesn’t look like a PC, which is a nice bonus.”

Gizmodo : “So yes, the PS4 is good. The PS4 is great! But it’s only one half of an equation years in the making. You can wait like a few more weeks to see both sides of it.”

Joystiq : “I think you’ll want one eventually. But, cool as the PS4 is, a lack of a must-play game means you can afford to wait. Do you need to have a PS4?”

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