This week Plex announced some additions to the beta for their upcoming service, Plex Cloud.

With this update, Plex added some new storage options for Plex Cloud, allowing you to not only store files on Amazon Drive, but also with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive from today, allowing you to store all of your media content on one of these devices if you so choose to.

This allows you to use the cloud storage service that you would normally use, and even take advantage of some better deals.

The point of Plex Cloud is to make Plex Media Server a lot more accessible, allowing you to install a version of it with a single click.

That said, it is entirely separate from the Plex Media Server, the aim to create something that doesn’t have to be run at home, without the need for any hard storage.

Currently, Plex Cloud is in an invite-only beta, so you will need to get an invite in order to gain access to the feature.

But you can sign up now at the source link below if you are interested.

Source: Plex

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