My suspicions have paid off, I bought my 3DS XL in the hope that a Pokemon game would come out in 3D and I’m so glad I did. Nintendo have announced the next generation of Pokemon in their new 3D installments to the series, Pokemon X and Y. The games are set to be released in October 2013, the release dates are the same for Europe, Japan and North America so there’s no need to get jealous of other countries getting it first. If this new game follows in the footsteps of its predecessors it is set to be a massively successful game, Pokemon Black and White 2 were only released a few months before this announcement and they have been noted as one of the best Pokemon titles to ever be released, scoring impressive reviews since their release.

X and Y are set to be the first Pokemon games in 3D. In footage released at the same time as the announcement it shows the new 3D landscapes, waving grass and new battles animations. Also to finish it all off they showed footage of the new starters and the new legendary’s from each game. The new legendary’s are in the shape of X and Y to reflect the titles of the games and they look really cool, especially when their in 3D. Check out the preview footage for the latest games above.

Also here’s a look at the awesome new starter Pokemon:  




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