The Pokemon Company surprised a few people last night, launching a new mobile game called Pokemon Duel, without any fanfare or announcement.

We are unsure why they launched it so quietly, but the game sounds pretty decent.

It is a strategy board game in which players will sound out a team of six Pokmon characters with the aim of crossing into their opponent’s territory, battling against the opponent’s Pokemon along the way.

Each Pokemon will have a set of unique traits and abilities, as well as the number that each figurine can take, making the game similar to a game of chess.

When battle commences, players will spin a Data Disc to choose one of the attacks that are stored on it. You will be able to battle trainers around the world, or just play alone if you prefer.

As you defeat more opponents, you will unlock new and stronger characters.

You can download Pokemon Duel on iOS and Android today.

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