Just last week Apple and Niantic revealed that Pokemon Go would be coming to the Apple Watch.

But it isn’t just coming to iOS, today it was also revealed that a Pokemon Go app will also be coming to Android Wear. This comes from the Pokemon Go Hub, who took a look into the code of the latest Pokemon Go Android app.

In this code, Pokemon Go Hub found a number of clues that they think confirms the existence of a Pokemon Go app for Android Wear.

They found a new “pokemongoplus” project within the code, which could hint at the Android Wear implementation.

According to the site, this new app will work in the background like the Apple Watch version, allowing you to track and capture Pokemon, as well as receive notifications for events like running out of Pokeballs, potions, incense, or lures.

Obviously, nothing is official yet, but if Pokemon Go Hub is right, then we might see an official announcement soon.

You can read more about it via the link below.

Via: Pokemon Go Hub

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