Recently the developers of Pokemon Go have been announcing new special events for the game, as an attempt to draw players back, these special events bring new features to the game, with increased spawning rates for certain types of Pokemon.

And this month there will be another special event for the game, kicking off on May 18th, 2017 and lasting until May 25th, 2017, it will bring increased spawn rates of various rock-type Pokemon in the game.

This means you will have a better chance of catching rock Pokemon like Omanyte, Onyx and Sudowoodo during these dates.

To top that off, you will get more candy from your buddy Pokemon during this time and PokeStops will be dropping more items too.

To top that off, Niantic will also be discounting Poke Balls in the shop by half.

So if you have been waiting to catch a certain rock Pokemon, the next few days might be the time to play.


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