In celebration of World Water Day yesterday, Niantic launched yet another event for their Pokemon Go mobile game, called the water festival.

World Water Day was celebrated yesterday to raise awareness of the water crisis around the globe because it affects more than 1.8 billion people, governments and companies have been thinking about what they will do to help this cause.

Niantic think that they can help with this festival, which started yesterday at 1:00PM PST and will run until March 29th at 1 PM PST.

During this event, players will have more chances to catch water Pokemon like Magikarp, Squirtle, Totodile as well as their evolutions

In particular, you will also see an increased spawn rate of the Gen 2 water Pokemon, as well as some of the rare water Pokemon, like Gyarados and Lapras.

There will also be new avatar items such as a Magikarp Hat to wear during the event.

You can check it out by updating you version of Pokemon Go and playing today.


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