This week Polar announced the launch of yet another fitness watch that you will have to choose from, the Polar M430.

M430 has been designed to provide you with heart rate tracking, pace tracking and various other performance metrics right from your wrist, helping you to monitor your running and possibly run better.

The watch will also come with Polar’s proprietary Smart Coaching tech and their Polar Running Program to better enforce that, along with an integrated GPS module for better tracking.

Marco Suvilaakso, Chief Strategy Officer at Polar said the following about it:

“In the growing market of running products that can track heart rate, pace and several other performance metrics, Polar M430 stands out for two major reasons.”

“First, Polar has put 40 years of research and development into creating highly accurate technology, which is why so many athletes continue to seek our products. What makes Polar even more unique is that we then go beyond just providing accurate data; we turn it into actionable guidance. Our Smart Coaching features can show users how they benefitted a single training or over time, how their performance translates into an expected race finish time, and even provide adaptive running training programs that sync to the watch. Combined, these elements make Polar M430 a distinguished running watch in the category.”

The new Polar M430 will be available for $229 in the US and €229 in Europe in white, orange, and dark grey. It’s not available just yet, however, you can pre-order it today from the source link below.

Update: We just received UK pricing information for the watch, which is £199.50.

Source: Polar

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