The show of the year is near and what would it e without a few pre-show rumours, and according to EnGadget Polaroid may be announcing an Android tablet and e-reader during the show.

The news came from an anonymous tipster who sent a some photos of banners from the trade show, which show Polaroid-branded android tablets and e-reader, the photo seems to show the device running a skinned version of Android, alongside a few AOL apps on the home screen

e of the AOL apps it could mean that Polaroid and AOL may also be announcing a new partnership during the show, which could mean a lot more products like this in the future. In a second photo we can see the real of the device, showing a Polaroid camera, check out the photos for yourself below:

During the show we expect to see a lot more tablet offerings for the coming year, so make sure you check out our live feed, so you know what’s happening the show, live.

[via Engadget]

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