Polaroid has today announced a new smartphone wireless camera that has was revealed at this weeks CES 2014.

Dubbed the Polaroid iZone it can be connected to your iPhone or Android smartphone and features an 18 megapixel sensor.

It can also be connected to your smartphone using NFC and WiFi technology and includes both 32GB of in-built storage and features an 8x optical zoom.

Edward Cohen, VP of Imaging with Sakar/Vivitar explains:

“Smartphones will work for taking some photos, but the built-in digital zoom just isn’t great when it comes to image quality. To get better quality optical zoom on a smartphone requires adding an accessory lens, and it’s easy to miss the shot while you’re busy attaching the lens.”

“But, with the Polaroid iZone camera, you’ve got instant access to an impressive 8X optical zoom—the same as found in much larger, higher-end cameras. Simply point, zoom and snap.”

The Polaroid iZone will be available this spring for $179.99.

Source Polaroid

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