The guys over at Execspot sent us over a pretty cool case the other week, that I have been waiting to test out for a long time now. The Pong case for The New iPad, claims to both boost your iPad’s Wi-Fi and 3G signal as well as reducing the risk of exposure to radiation from wireless signals.

But before we talk more about that, I’m going to start on the cases design, which I thought was pretty darn great, the Pong case comes in a sleek, faux leather design that is sure to both protect your iPad whilst not degrading its look and feel.

As the Pong is a fully protective case it has been made with a smart like cover on the front, reverse the cover and you find a plastic backing for the iPad to fit snugly into, all of which I found to be made from extremely good quality materials that I think will defiantly stand the test of time.

However I was a little disappointed that the case only comes in black, which I know some people with white iPad’s won’t be too happy about, but this is made up for with the amazing screen cover on the front, which can be transformed into as many positions as you can think of.

The first are the obvious ones, much like Apple’s Smart Cover, the Pong’s screen cover can be rolled up into about three stand positions, but it has another trick up its sleeve, allowing you to fold the two corners of the cover together to make another selection of angles, the first is about 60 degrees landscape and the second is about 45 degrees in portrait.

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This makes from some great angles when watching videos or just surfing the web, during which you know you’re iPad is safe and secure in its Pong case.

On the underside of the case there is a microfibre finish, which helps keep your iPad clean and safe from knocks, although I’m not so sure on the cleaning part, but that’s more or less the same with Apple’s cover if I’m honest.

But the most important part about this case is the Anti-Radiation and Signal Boosting technology built inside, which allow the case to first deflect the iPad’s signal away from the user and boost your network signal at the same time.

There’s not much information about how this technology actual works, but from what I can tell the case has been fitted with what they call a redistribution antennae, which according to them can reduce radiation emitting from your iPad by 72%, as this is only a tablet and not transmitting or receiving calls, the risk of radiation exposure is very small when compared to an iPhone, but that isn’t to say there’s no need for it.

We have looked around the web for reviews on this case to see how the signal boosting feature held up for everyone else, but haven’t found much luck, Pong Research have however released their own findings which are pictured above, we have also added a video below explaining the feature a a little further.

Within our tests we didn’t have the same luck if I’m honest, with more or less the same sort of results with or without the case, but you may find different results within different areas or with different providers, as we do already have a great internet connection provided by Virgin’s Super Hub, this could be why.

Overall I did like the Pong case for The New iPad, and would defiantly recommend to anyone looking for a case that can protect their iPad, be practical and even stylish, the downside however is of course the price, which comes in two variations, the Wi-Fi + 4G/3G mode is the more expensive model at £94.99, alongside which is the Wi-Fi only model for £89.99.

The great thing is, the guy’s over at Execspot have been nice enough to hook you all up with a code that will grant you 50% off either model, just head over to one of the links below and type in the code “Pong2012” at checkout.

Thanks again to the guys over at Execspot for sending us this case over, much appreciated.

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