Thursday November 29th marks the 40th anniversary of Pong, this classic video game was created by Atari in November 29, 1972. It was one of the first games  to ever become mainstream, it is also considered a staple for games to come  in the video games industry which is now worth more than $65 billion a year. For those of you who do not know the game follows a very simple mechanic of two ‘paddles’ and a ball, with the goal of scoring points against your opponent, much like the tabletop game Ping Pong which is still played today.

The player controls an in-game paddle by moving it vertically across the left side of the screen, and can compete against either a computer controlled opponent or another player controlling a second paddle on the opposing side. Players use the paddles to hit a ball back and forth, with the aim being for one  to earn more points than opponents by forcing fail to to return the ball to the other.’ (Quote from the Daily Mail Online)

It is safe to say that the industry has come a long way since the release of Pong, we now see visually stunning games such as Crysis and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. It is strange to think that these may have all stemmed from the likes of Pong and other such classic games. I think you will all join me in saying Happy 40th Birthday Pong and thank you for giving me the games in which I love to play on a daily basis!


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