The online pirate movie streaming service Popcorn Time has been blocked by ISPs in the UK, with a new decision that has been announced by UK courts ruling that the service is now illegal and all UK-based internet service providers have been told to block the service.

This means that Sky, BT, EE, TalkTalk and Virgin Media will be blocking the service the same way that they do for torrent sites.

This means that,,, and will be inaccessible in the UK.

That said, because it is a peer-to-peer service, anyone who has the software will still be able to use it, which is something Popcorn Time is looking to exploit.

Here is the statement from Popcorn Time:

“We’re pretty disappointed from the judicial system in the UK and feel pretty sorry for the citizens of England for their basic rights, like the freedom of speech and net neutrality being revoked so easily.

We hope to see some sort of protest from the citizens of the UK against this order, but given how easy it is for the judicial system there to hurt their basic rights, we doubt they will do so.
We find this move they made pretty predictable and we’re sure that this is not the last of it. We’re working full force now even more than ever on making Popcorn Time fully p2p and soon the software will not be depended on any domain or centralized server to operate.”

So that may mean that this news won’t affect you in any way, but that has still to be decided.

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