One thing that we can be sure about is that e-ink is set to be the future display technology that we will see in all of our devices, as soon as it gets a little sleeker anyway.

Since the unveiling of the Yotaphone, various companies have decided that this technology can still be used in our current devices however, but instead of a main display, they think it is better as a second screen option right now, allowing users to retain their battery life for longer, whilst still using their phone as they wish.

A new unveiling to do this with the iPhone 6, and soon the iPhone 6 Plus is something called popSLATE, which is a brand new case that basically allows you to add a second e-ink display to the back of your iPhone, allowing you to read text or other information without draining your phone’s battery life.

popSLATE is also able to show images and apps using a Bluetooth connection, it also claims to be shatter and crack proof, whilst remaining always-on.

And the upside of all that is that popSLATE doesn’t even need your phone to do most of that as it uses power from an on-board battery and not the phone’s battery.

This battery is said to last up to a week from a single charge, allowing users to display up to eight images at a time.

You can find out more about popSLATE at the source link below, where you can also pre-order one for $129.

Source: popSLATE

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