Owning a charging case is a must for any smartphone owner today, the only problem is that some of these won’t actually work with NFC-capable phones, forcing you to remove the case in order to make payments or use other NFC-based features.

Lucky PowerSkin have the answer to the problem, with the launch of the new NFC-Enabled Smartphone Battery Case for Samsung’s Galaxy S III. The case itself has been made with silicone and a 1500 mAh battery, which will apparently keep your phone charged all day.

But the biggest point of this case is the one we mentioned early, which is PowerSkin’s new technology that allows NFC signals to pass through the case.

Also included in the case is the usual stuff you would expect, such as an on/ off button and sync and charge capabilities, you can find out more, or even grab one for yourself at the source link below, where they are selling (currently) for £53.99.

Source: PowerSkin

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