You may remember the press photo of the HTC One that allegedly leaked earlier this week, that only seemed to show the phone in white, thankfully now we have an image to give us an earlier look at what the phone might look like in black.

Leaked by the usual Twitter account, @evleaks the image seems to include the same design of sorts, but of course it has been coloured black not white.

The site HTCSource, claims they have some more information on this phone, revealing that they had found the sale date and price earlier today, which it claims is the 22nd March for America at $199.99 (£128) on a 24 month contract with AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint.

They claim that will be for the model with 32GB of storage, the 64GB edition will however be $299.99 (£193).

Of course as usual these are just rumors, and we won’t know anything until HTC’s event.

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