Just over a week ago, we got a code for the early press preview for a new rhythm game called Beatbuddy, a unique adventure from the German developerTHREAKS, we got to take a look at probably one of the most interesting indie games so far this year.

A sort of underwater music platformer, the idea of Beatbuddy is to control a mystical creäture known as something called the Beatbuddy, within his adventure to save his homeland, navigating your way through six underwater environments, unfolding new songs as you work your way through, music will come together after every thump, chord, pound and snap, each of which created from various animals that you can interact with.

Focusing on gameplay, the entirety of Beatbuddy is played underwater, swimming through open corridors and moving obstacles that may hinder you from traveling any further, but the catch is you need to move to the beat of the music, making sure to pass through obstacles just at the right moment, which are actually the main aspects of the game, and is what makes the game both enjoyable and difficult at the same time.

Not saying that’s a bad thing, as this difficulty actually helps to keep you playing the game without bore for long periods of time.


Obstacles aren’t the only part of the game however, Beattbuddy must also fight his way through some of the underwater baddies that add an extra element to the game, making it a bit more than just an underwater adventure.

And there’s still more combat in the game, with various shoot ’em up sections, where Beatbuddy will hop into its underwater vehicle and begin shooting projectiles in order to knock down various obstacles and enemies, however there’s still nothing average about these sections, as the vehicle actually moves to the beat of the music, so to move in a different direction, you must do to the same rhythm of the music, making these sections a little more unusual than your usual shoot ’em up.


Music is an integral part of Beatbuddy, and I think the main reason for this is due to the names behind the game, with some extremely recognizable names working on the game, most notably the Grammy-Nominee Austin Wintory who worked on Journey for the PlayStation 3.

Alongside whom, setting the music aside, the writer of the script for Tomb Raider and contributor to BioShock Infinite, Rhianna Pratchet also took her hand to the game.


First look at Beatbuddy was truly love at first sight, despite the fact that the version we played was only a press preview, I found myself playing Beatbuddy for hours on end, constantly restarting the two levels that were playable, I personally cannot wait the game launches in July.

You can find out more information about BeatBuddy for yourself here.

Disclosure: Threaks sent us a preview code for Beatbuddy, allowing us to post this preview.

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