Prison Architect is a game I have been following since it was first announced, so it’s defiantly great news to hear that the developer of the game, Introversion Software have now released Alpha 6 bringing some new features to the game.

The first of which is new Prisoner Categories, giving each prisoner their own risk level, either minimal, normal or maximum security, which will be reflected in their uniform colour as either grey, orange or red respectively. The levels are however a simple estimate based on their previous convictions and their true risk will in fact be determined by their traits, meaning a minimal level prisoner could still run riot.

Prisoners will now also come with their own bio that detail their criminal history, time in jail and more, which will be shown in a Rap Sheet that can be viewed by clicking on a prisoner. Prisoners will also have internal traits that determine if they are violent or destructive.

There’s also new sector categories, allowing you to set sectors of your prison to MinSec of MacSec prisoners via the Deployment screen, but will only affect a prisoners cell assignment and not other rooms.

There’s also new intake control features allowing you to control how many new inmates you receive via the Prisoners Report screen, allowing you the chose categories you are open to are completely stop Prisoner intake.

There’s also some new bug fixes that resulted in prisoners and guards becoming stuck, shackled, pushed into a wall, forgotten or trapped in hospital beds, prisoners who are trapped will simple be escorted to their cell by a guard.

Prisoners will also vary in physical size, with Higher Risk prisoners often being a bit larger, and doctors can now heal people within a range of 10 squares.

There’s also a lot more bug fixes that can be viewed at the link below.

Source: Introversion

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