Over the last year Konami have been at work to try to make Pro Evolution Soccer the great game we all know from the days it ruled the football game genre, some of you may be as unfortunate to have not seen such a day, but I promise you there was a day that you would talk about PES at school and not FIFA.

The thing about PES is that you get complete control of the players on the pitch, with precision controls, players running around the pitch like an animal, randomly giving the ball away are a rarity, which of course Konami have updated to introduce even better controls, with dynamic first touch, allowing you to kill the speed of the ball instantly, or even create player traps.

Dribbling was also tweaked during the games production, allowing you to perform moves a lot slower and  more precisely, there’s also a new extensive training section that will walk you through basically every move in the game.

But it’s not just controls that have been updated, as Konami have finally done some work on the players likenesses with a lot of players now recognisable in the 2013 version of the game, however the worst part about this game (at least for me), is the commentary which is simply terrible with poor scripts which never really link up to the game itself.

If I’m honest I wasn’t a huge fan of the game overall, as I found it to be lacking a lot of things that other games in the market already include, most of the graphics within the game are pretty shoddy and I just wish they would have spent a lot more time on the commentary instead of shipping out some half-finished mumble jumble.

However the game has greatly improved from what it was a couple of years ago, and it is defiantly a game which is now playable, but I’m just not sure if it’s ready to take on FIFA just yet.

To finish off we would just like to say thanks to bwin who supplied us with a game for review purposes and just to add even though this game was supplied to us all of my views and opinions are just that, my own.

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