Professor Pym and the Secret of Steam is a great new free-to-play puzzler with some truly amazing graphics and a little old jumping man, on his journey to escape the toxic water.

The main character is as you can guess, Professor Pym who is trying to escape a narrow passageway before the toxic water reaches him, as the waters continue to rise the Professor must jump from gear to gear holding on for dear life at each point.

As he travels up the passageway it will become harder for him to reach each gear, at the point where the Professor slips and falls he will drop either onto another gear or into the water, at which point he has 3 seconds to get back in the dry before the toxicity gets to to him.

Along the way their is a vertical progress bar which shows you how far you have to go and how near that ever impending toxic water is away, as you race through the levels you will find yourself jumping to various gears, including flames or even spikes which you must use your wit to overcome.

I order to complete the level well you must collect bolts which have been scattered along the way, there is a minimum amount of these to collect before you reach the end in order to progress, but you can collect more to achieve a higher rating of course.

I thought the game was really unique how it played, and its main concept. I did find a few issues that would make the game a lot better, the first is that the game automatically comes in French and for me a person who doesn’t speak a word of the language it can be quite hard to figure out what anything means, although you can change this in the settings but for some reason the achievements on your game centre profile stay in the language.

Another thing I felt could be added to the game is a starting cut scene and a built more development as to why the professor is jumping onto moving gears away from this toxic liquid anyway, maybe a different cut scene each chapter to explain who the professor is as a character.

I did like how challenging the game was however, as even thou the cogs you have to collect kind of lead the way it can still sometimes be quite tricky to jump from one to the other which I felt gave the game a bit more style and made it harder to complete.

I also really liked the graphics in the game, which I thought had been done really well and is actually my favourite part of the game overall.

The game is available free on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play, you will have to but an in-app purchase to receive the extra levels, but its one game you should defiantly at least try.

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