Sennheiser has today announced that it has partnered with Phonebloks, the development team behind Google’s Project Ara project, which will feature changeable ‘bloks’ that can be upgraded as new technology becomes available, or as the user needs to replace them.

What’s interesting is that this partnership could also mean users will be able to add in audio bloks from Sennheiser for a better audio experience, and could even mean that a user could upgrade between different channel upgrades, or maybe even speakers.

However as of yet no details on this have been confirmed.

Some bloks will be 3D printed by 3D systems, allowing for more complex designs that are personalised.

Phonebloks founder Dave Hakkens at the company’s first developers’ meeting in Mountain View, California said: “Every time we discard a gadget, we throw away many valuable components that are still in perfect working order. Phonebloks’ vision is to conserve natural resources and thus ensure sustainable development. Rather than buying a completely new smartphone every two years, all you will need to do with Phonebloks is replace the parts you want to upgrade.”

It will certainly be interesting what might come from this partnership in the future.

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