Today Slightly Mad Studios announced some new details about their upcoming racing car game, Project Cars 2, which was today confirmed to be set for a “late 2017” release of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC.

The developer of the game also revealed some more details about the game, revealing that the game will include the largest track list that has ever been seen on a console-based racing game, with more than 170 licensed cars, full support for virtual reality, and the ability to play at a 12K resolution on the PC.

They revealed that Rallycross and IndieCar vehicle types will be returning in the game, with a full 24-hour weather cycle that will change the atmospheric conditions of the game as you race, transitioning between wet and dry, as well as day and night.

Slightly Mad finished up by stating that Project Cars will also include their LiveTrack 3.0 system, which will vary the road surface conditions in the game in real-time.

But that’s still not all, they also released a new trailer to provide you with a look at all of these new features.

Check it out below:

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