Sony has this week announced the titles that will be included for free within the Instant game Collection for those who subscribe to the PlayStation Plus service for September.

On top of that they also announced the first winner of the Vote to Play campaign, which will now be included in the free games line-up.

Available from September 1st, the free games include:

  • Grow Home – PlayStation 4 (Vote to Play Winner)
  • Super Time Force Ultra – PlayStation 4
  • Xeodrifter – PlayStation 4, PS Vita
  • Twisted Metal – PlayStation 3
  • Teslagrad – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3
  • La Mulana EX – PS Vita

One of the biggest titles in that line-up is definitely Grow Home, so we suspect many are happy that it won the Vote to Play competition.

If you subscribe to PS Plus you can download all of these games for free on your console from September 1st.

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