Sony has today revealed two major things, the first is a little less time consuming to write, so we’ll start with that first. By April 6th, Sony had sold a massive 7 million PlayStation 4 consoles, with 20.5 million games sold alongside it, which is an average of about three games per customer, pretty awesome if you think about it.

Alongside that, the second thing is that there is also a new update for the PS4, titled 1.70, it will add  a new SHAREfactory application, allowing users to have more control when editing game clips, granting the ability to edit and trim footage, as well as add text, stickers, music and video commentary with the optional PlayStation Camera.

There is also the option to turn off HDCP copy protection over HDMI, allowing for Full HD output to a recording device, as well as the ability to export shared gameplay videos and screen recording to a USB drive or stick.

And then finally, users can also stream to Twitch and Ustream in 720p with the new update, as well as download pre-ordered titles before their release date.

“On behalf of the entire global team at PlayStation, I want to thank you for your unprecedented support and for making PS4 your next-generation console of choice,” said Sid Shurman, PlayStation’s social media manager. “We couldn’t have done this without you! And please keep the feedback coming: we are listening.”

Via: Eurogamer

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