Sony and Microsoft recently revealed the sales numbers for their next-generation console in the US for January, revealing that Sony has sold more PlayStation 4 consoles than Microsoft have sold Xbox One’s, well according to the NDP however, with neither the NDP or Sony confirming exact numbers, we are still yet to receive a confirmation of the outselling, however Sony have stated that its PlayStation 4 sales have doubled the Xbox One’s during January in the US.

Microsoft did reveal numbers for their games sales however, stating that they had sold 2.27 million Xbox One and Xbox 360 games during January, with US customers buying 2.7 games per console.

Microsoft also stated that Xbox One owners have played games, accessed apps and watched television for 740 million hours, with 685 million speech commands used to navigate the Xbox One.

They also announced that over 2.6 billion global Gamerscore has been achieved, 165 million global achievements have been unlocked and 120 million global DVR clips have been uploaded.

If we hear anything quite as extensive, or anything from Sony, we will let you know.

Via: The Verge

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