When Sony first unveiled the PS4 Pro the Xbox One S from Microsoft had two major advantages: it could both play 4K UHD video files and it could play 4K UHD Blu-rays.

Today, Sony is striking off one of those advantages, releasing support that will allow the PS4 Pro to play UHD video files video the pre-installed media player.

However, you do need some gear to do so.

As noted on the PlayStation Blog today, you will only be able to watch  4K UHD files that have been created in the MP4 file format.

You will also have to load that 4K content onto a USB stick, or stream it from a media server otherwise located in your home.

But it does come with one major advantage, with the PlayStation VR, you can also watch 360-degree content in this 4K UHD format.

And you will still be able to watch 4K UHD content from Netflix and YouTube.

The new update will be rolled out the PS4 Pro owners later today, so be sure to check your system and get it updated.

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