Admittedly, I never heard of QPAD until they contacted me a couple of weeks ago, asking if I would like to review one of their latest headsets, the QH-85. Of course I responded saying yes and here it is.

For the review we were provided with the black version of the headset, but it’s also available in white, which from the pictures looks okay but in my opinion the black version looks a bit more premium.

For around £85 I was expecting that these headphones were that premium as i previously mentioned, straight away first impressions were good. The headset comes with an open cup design made from solid aluminum, however I did feel as if there was a bit too much branding slapped across the exterior.

qh-85 revew2

Around the inside of the device, QPAD have fitted the headset with an extremely thick padding and leather coating, placed around the headband and ear cups, I found this to be extremely soft and comforting however they couldn’t stop the feeling of wearing an extremely heavy headset like the QH-85,  and after wearing the headset for a couple of hours, I found myself with quite bad neck pain and had to remove the headset and take a break.

However that might just be me, as I haven’t heard the same response from other people who have used the headset around the web and I do have a quite large head, but not abnormally large so maybe not.

In terms of connections, there’s a detachable microphone and a ton of cables that turn into a pair of TRS 3.5mm jacks, one for the mic and one for the headset. In the box you get a drawstring bag that can be used to transport the headset, a 2m extension lead, separate in-line controller and an adapter that will convert the cable to a single TRS 3.5mm jack for use with smartphones.

qh-85 revew3

The headband on the headset is fully adjustable, but I found that it could have done with a little more length for those who need it, each ear cup can also be tilted to fit the shape of your head.

I took part in a couple of Skype calls during a game whilst testing the headphones, during which fellow gamers reported the sound as clear with no real background noise, which is all due to the detachable mic that plugs into the side of the headset via a 3.5mm jack insert, the mic includes a foam windshield and can be twisted into various positions.

The volume of the output for the microphone can then be controlled via the in-line controller, which will also allow you to mute the mic as well as reducing the sound volume outputted through the headset itself. The controller will also work the play pause and answer calls when plugged into an iPhone.

I found the build quality of this to be very poor however.

qh-85 revew4

In terms of sound there’s a pair of 53mm drivers in each earcup resulting in a 15-25.000 Hz frequency response, that QPAD say will result in “minimum of sound leakage”, however I have to say I disagree and found that the headset actually leaks sound like a speaker, you can literally close the headset up and the sound will be playing out of the side of each earcup.

The quality of the drivers actually isn’t all that bad, however you do have to crack up the volume extremely high to find these qualities and when at a low volume I found the QH-85 to be lacking. Music stops sounding great, and general sound becomes filled with exaggeration of bass.

In my opinion these headphones are okay and defiantly work, but I’m not sure they are worth the price tag and would defiantly prefer if they were about £30 cheaper, if you want my advice buy something else.

We actually have a review for one contender coming up soon, the Razer BlackShark headset which I expect to be as impressive as it sounds.

If you do want to pick up the QPAD QH-85 however or just want to find out more, you can do so at their site.

Disclosure: This headset was sent to us by QPAD, but all views and opinions within this review are my own.

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