It’s true, your iPhone has a terrible battery, that’s is simply the price we pay for such a slim smartphone.

However, if you aren’t too bothered about how slim your phone is then you do have many options to extend your iPhone’s battery, one of which could be something like a battery case for example.

If you are interested in picking up a battery case for your iPhone, then you might be interested in this new modular iPhone case that was launched on Kickstarter this week.

Called qronoCase, it has been created by the qronoTeam and launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding site with the hopes of raising $50,000. You can help it by pledging from $39 and get a pre-order of the case.

Check it out via the video below, and find out more about the project and back it at the source link below that.

Source: Kickstarter

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