Qualcomm has today announced that they will be bringing their Snapdragon 800 processor to Windows 8.1 RT tablets before the end of the year, expanding the current processors portfolio to support the upcoming operating system.

But could this mean that we will see a new and faster Surface 2 from Microsoft before the year is out?

Well it defiantly wouldn’t surprise me, after the tablet was first announced in 2012 it hasn’t gained that much traction in the global tablet market, so it would defiantly make sense for Microsoft to think of new ways on how they could improve the tablet.

As the Snapdragon 800 processor features and integrated multimode 3G/ 4G LTE modem, with clock speeds of up to 2.2GHz per core, this would defiantly be a significant upgrade, however could we see it in place by the BUILD conference this June?

It’s a possibility, with Microsoft releasing a consumer preview of Windows 8.1 RT on June 266th, it does all seem to line up.

Source: Qualcomm

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