At Computex 2016 Qualcomm revealed the launch of some new processor that have been designed for wearable technology.

This is the announcement of their new Snapdragon 1100 system-on-a-chip (SoC) range, which has been designed to allow for the introduction better features on wearable devices. This comes after the recent launch of the Snapdragon 2100 SoC earlier this month.

Qualcomm explained more about it with the following:

Wearables using the Snapdragon 2100 can support users who want to take their devices on the go—and leave their smartphones behind. The processor is available in two versions: tethered (which uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) and connected. In the connected version, the processor’s next-generation LTE modem, which also includes low power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, is engineered so users can stream music, answer calls, send messages, and much, much more, all directly via their wearable.

During the event, Qualcomm will be showcasing some devices that take advantage of both the 1100 and the 2100 SoC, including smartwatches from the likes of weBandz, Anda Technologies and InWatch.

Alongside this news, Qualcomm also announced the QCA4012 dual-band wireless chip at the event, which has been designed for Internet of Things devices and features an 802.11ac tri-radio chip, with features designed for wireless routers and range extenders.

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