Each year The Queen records her own Christmas Speech to be shown on Christmas Day, this year however it’s rumored that this might be filmed differently allowing viewers to watch the speech in 3D.

The news comes from The Sunday Times, who are reporting that on Friday when the speech is to be filmed in 3D, a Spokesman refused to comment on this matter but did say the following to The Telegraph, “All I can say is we are producing the Queen’s Christmas message this year.”

Which doesn’t really give us too much detail, and with spokesman from Buckingham palace refusing to comment also  it may be some time until will find out something official.

If it is true it would be the first time that viewers have been able to watch the family in 3D, after the Palace prevented Sky recording Will and Kate’s wedding last year, which according to the Palace was because the audience for 3D content was too small however since the event a lot more people are now 3D ready.

There’s no news on what channels this will be able to be viewed on, but it’s expected that Sky News would make the film available to both the BBC and ITV networks.

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