So I have been browsing Product Hunt once again and found a fantastic idea called Quick Peek.

Quick Peek is a set of self-adhesive smart organising labels that allows you to track the stuff that you have stored in boxes via a set of scannable barcodes, negating the need to write cryptic messages like “kitchen” or “taxes” onto boxes and providing you with more information when you need it.

Basically, Quick Peek mixes barcodes with an application on iOS, stick one of the labels onto your box, take a single shot or a group of shots of the stuff inside of that shot and then load up the app when you are ready to scan the code and find out what’s inside.

You can also browse your scanned listings from within the app to search for the item that you want via a set of photos, select that item and then the app will let you know which box that item is within.

It’s a simple solution to a complex problem that could help with everything from managing small business inventories to managing where your kitchen scissors should belong.

If you are interested, you can find out more about Quick Peek at the source link below, where you can pick up a set of label stickers or print your own from $9.95 for 32 labels.

Source: Bluelounge

Via: Product Hunt

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