The developers of Guardians of Middle Earth have today announced the nature wizard, Radagast will be coming to the game as one of the Maiar, Radagst now has the title of the Brown Wizard.

As an Enchanter he will achieve a bonus attack speed, reduction in controlled effects, snares, true damage, silences and slows. Here’s the full list of his abilities and there names:

  • Vibrant Glade: +Attack Speed, Reduced Controlling Effects
  • Blackbird Song: Deals True Damage and Blinds Enemy Guardians and Creatures
  • Whispering Leaves: Deals Ability Damage, briefly Silences
  • Roots of Greenwood: Roots Enemies, slows and deals Ability Damage

Radagast is available now on XBOX LIVE and will launch on PSN soon, for 160 MSPS or for free as part of the Season pass.

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