As you may know we just finished reviewing the mStand by Rain Design, which is a sleek and stylish desktop stand for your laptop, but Rain Design also have a second stand for your laptop, that carries a similar design, but has been made to target a different market.

The iLap laptop stand has been made from a single piece of aluminium similar to the mStand, but also includes an arm rest and leg rest to make the stand better for use on your lap rather than on the desk.

This allows the stand to prevent what some people might name “”hot leg”, however this stand won’t actually cool your laptop down terrifically, but it’s aim is to actually keep the warmth of your laptop of your lap when using it, not actually cooling your laptop.

But the stand is not only for your lap, and can also be used on the desk, and is available in a 12, 14, 15 and 17 inch versions, the one which you should choose depends on your laptops size.

The aluminum platform has been sand-blasted and anodized to create that same great silver finish featured on the mStand, the velvet cushion on the front is removable, as it is attached via Velcro, which makes the stand easy to clean, however the one on the back,  attached to the swivel arm is non-removable.

Also included in the box are a set of four silicone replacement feet, that can be used to provide a better grip whilst on the iLap.

But the stand is not just to keep you from getting “hot lap”, and has been raised at the back, which actually improves the users posture when using the laptop, as the user can hold their head upright and look properly at the screen instead of bending the neck and lowering the head.

The iLap stand is great if you use your laptop on your lap a lot of the time, and allows for a better posture when typing and actually reduces things such as back ache.

But I also found this stand great for playing games such as Guild Wars , which made playthroughs a lot easier.

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