There’s a huge problem with using your laptop on a desk, its position is just not high enough, with Rain Design’s mStand you can use your laptop in a way that’s like a desktop, all you have to do is place your laptop on the top and then content up your keyboard and mouse.

The stand has been angled in a way that creates the ideal position for desktop viewing, after which all you have to do is place your keyboard and mouse in front of you and you have a perfect desktop setup.

I really enjoyed using the mStand over these last few weeks and found that it did an amazing job, the stand is made from a single piece of aluminium which creates a sleek and stylish design, that perfectly mimics a MacBook, but also looks great with any Windows-based laptop.

Not only does it look great however, it’s also extremely practical as the design has been molded in such a way to create a great airflow under your laptop, as well as a hole in the back of the stand for cable management.

If you want a laptop stand of any type, the mStand by Rain Design is defiantly the one you want to buy.

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