To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the games studio Rare, Xbox will be releasing a brand new games collection called Rare Replay, offering 30 iconic games exclusively for the Xbox One.

Here are all of the titles to be included with Rare Replay:

    • Atic Atac
    • Banjo-Kazooie
    • Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts
    • Banjo-Tooie
    • Battletoads
    • Battletoads Arcade
    • Blast Corps
    • Cobra Triangle
    • Conker’s Bad Fur Day
    • Digger T Rock
    • Grabbed By The Ghoulies
    • Gunfright
    • Jet Force Gemini
    • Jetpac
    • Jetpac Refuelled
    • Kameo
    • Killer Instinct Gold
    • Knight Lore
    • Lunar Jetman
    • Perfect Dark
    • Perfect Dark Zero
    • RC Pro-Am
    • RC PRo-Am II
    • Sabre Wulf
    • Slalom
    • Snake Rattle N Roll
    • Solar Jetman
    • Underwurlde
    • Viva Pinata
    • Vita Pinata: Trouble In Paradise

Check it out in the trailer below.

Rare Replay will release on August 4th, 2016.

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