Re/Code today helped to unveil a new product during their event, called the Ray Super Moment, the product aims to be a hassle free remote control that can replace everything else you have you home.

“Televisions are better than ever, cable and streaming services are amazing — but the device that controls all of this is 50 years old,” founder and CEO David Skokna explained to Re/Code.

To make remote controls more modern Ray has been fitted with a 4.8 inch diagonal touchscreen display, alongside a clean UI that looks to be similar to IOS.

Inside it also features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and IR technology, and it can even support its own apps, allowing the user to control anything from Nest to their Roku box.

Check out the video below for a quick look at Ray's unveiling.

Ray is said to be available for $200 in the US, which is about £130, however at the moment nothing more than that has been revealed.

Source: Re/Code

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