I think that we can all agree that Razer chose some truly epic names for their products, and the Razer BlackShark gaming headset is no different, with a name that will scare even the strong hearted. Based on the design of headsets used by helicopter pilots in the military, the design is sure to if the name doesn’t.

Continuing with design, the BlackShark has been constructed with a metal chassis that has been wrapped in a soft and comfortable leather, stitched onto the headset itself. The ear cups have been made from plastic, but still feel as sturdy and well-built as the chassis, have the choice of a glossy black finish attracted a few too many fingerprints in my view.

The padding on both the ear cups and the headband is extremely comfortable  in fact you hardly notice you’re wearing the headphones thanks to it, however the weight of the headset does mean that long gameplay could become uncomfortable  especially when you add the microphone into the factor which does create some pull towards the left hand side.

Wrapped around all of this is the exposed green cables, which may seem like a stupid but they actually make the headset look absolutely awesome, and thanks to the rubber sheathing it’s unlikely they will break at any point.


razer blackshark review5


In terms of sound, I found the BlackShark headset to compete extremely well against some of its other competitors out there. The circumarual design of the ear cups helps to provide great noise cancellation, and overall sound sounds pretty decent.

However I did find that these ear cups also created somewhat of a disadvantage, and I found myself having to move the headset around a lot to find that “sweet spot”. Once fit they are, as previously mentioned, really comfortable but still provide a balanced sound.

All of this pumping out of a pair of 40mm drivers, which admitted don’t provide excellent sound, but do provide sound that works with more or less any genre or game mode, with distortion levels extremely low, even on high volumes. Alongside this the BlackShark also provides great bass response, which allows the BlackShark to work great when playing games like Battlefield or when watching a movie.

As for the microphone, I found it to work how you would expect, with no issues of poor clarity or background noise.


razer blackshark review2


Probably one of the coolest features with the BlackShark however, has to be the adjustment system, which allows you to adjust the ear cup height by swiveling the thumb caps on either side, tightening them back up once you have found the perfect placement. This will mean you now have an unmovable headset.

The ear cups will also swivel from left to right, as well as tilt both up and down, allowing for great compatibly with a ton of head sizes.

As the boom mic is detachable from the left ear cup, you can even use these headphones when you’re not gaming, such as with your iPhone or even your laptop.

The BlackShark can plug into basically any device, the single 3.55mm jack which trails from the headset is used from those very devices, but when using something with more than one connection, you can use the splitter extension.


razer blackshark review3


Overall I was really excited about the look of the headset, with an average sound quality, but great clarity and no distortion  the BlackShark goes for around £80-£90, which admittedly is quite a chunk of money, however I think the design alone makes these worth it.

However I was really unimpressed with the lack of an in-line controller, an extremely annoying feature.

We were sent the Razer BlackShark to review by Razer themselves, however all views and opinions within it our my own.

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