The Razzer Ferox are extremely small, only slightly bigger than some of the X-mini speakers you may have seen in the past, and made from a mix of plastic and aluminum, the Ferox speakers comes in the form of two chambers, which connect to each other via a USB/ headphone connector cable.

The coolest part of the Ferox however is the top, which can be pushed down to turn the speakers off and on. I found myself pressing the top off these speakers constantly, with an awesome expanding motion, when pressed down the Ferox will turn on, which is indicated by the blue light at the bottom of the speakers.

This light will change depending on the status for the speakers, for instance when it’s recharging, it will stay constant for a good battery level and change to red when it’s low.


razer ferox review4


The battery has a 470 mAh capacity that lasts for around 12 hours without turning the speakers off, when they do need recharging however, you simply plug-in the USB cable into the port around the back of the speaker.

That battery time of 12 hours is in fact for both speakers, so if you use one individually you can get 24 hours.

Also included with the speakers is a neat carrying case, allowing you to easily secure the speakers for on-the-go listening. The speakers fit into their own compartment below a second smaller compartment for the cable.


razer ferox review1


The Ferox includes a frequency response of 20KHz to 150KHz and creates a 3 watt output, which may not sound all that much, but you will defiantly be surprised at how loud these actually are during use.

The great thing is that they still provide great quality at a range of volumes, however they do lack bass, which is to be expected with a set of speakers this small. However the mid and high frequencies always sound great, which is probably due to how the drivers have been designed.

The Ferox can offer a 360 degree Omni-directional sound coverage, for a room filling sound, which I found to work well. The only problem is, there’s no volume control on the speakers themselves so you will have to do all that via the device you are using.


razer ferox review6


Overall I really liked the Razer Ferox mobile speakers, one thing to remember however is that these are mobile speakers and are not meant to replace the set you have at home, which is why I can accept the fact these have very little bass response.

If you’re looking for a set of mobile speakers with great quality and an amazing design, the Razer Ferox is defiantly one of the best options for you.

Priced at around £50 on Amazon. they may not be the cheapest, but they are defiantly the coolest.

Disclosure: We were supplied these for review, all opinions and views within this review however are completely my own.

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