Razer was also at CES 2015 this week, announcing a new micro-console called the Razer Forge TV, running on Android it has been designed to stream almost any PC based game from your home computer to any TV in the home.

This all works in a similar way to the NVIDIA Shield device, however Razer’s version uses software to stream the game not hardware.

This means that you can use the Forge TV system with any processor or graphics card that you currently have installed in your PC, all of this is then joined together with Razer’s own Cortex software that is pre-installed on the device.

Inside of the Forge TV there is a quad-core processor that is supported by up to 16GB of RAM. It can also access Google Play applications and even work with local multiplay with up to four platers, as well as being able to support a number of multimedia applications.

The device will also work with both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections and will support streaming for any game that runs DirectX 9 or higher.

As of yet Razer hasn’t announced any pricing or availability for the Razer Forge TV, however Razer have mentioned that it will be launched a beta for the Razer Forge TV steaming feature in Spring 2015.

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