Razer is well known for unveiling projects that aren’t quite real products just yet, CES is normally the place for these unveilings and this year is no different.

Today Razer unveiled their new in-room projection system and a gaming laptop that had not 1, but 3 displays.

The project for the gaming laptop is probably the most interesting, called Project Valerie, it is the world’s first laptop that incorporates three monitors in on laptop build.

Each of these displays measure 17.3 inches wide and feature a 4K resolution for a total of 12k (11,520 x 2,160). Each slide out from the central lid chassis and draw their own power from the laptop via internal wiring.

They use Nvidia’s Surround View technology to provide a 180-degree viewing area, automatically position themselves to create this experience that spreads a single image across multiple monitors.

Aside from that, the Razer Valerie is pretty similar to Razer’s 17-inch Blade Pro.

The project is just a prototype at the moment, so you probably won’t see it anytime soon, but you can find out more about it via Razer’s website.

The second of the two projects is Project Ariana, which puts a full projection behind your existing monitor for a fully emerged experience, using a wide-angle fisheye lens to broadcast real-time video of the game that you are playing onto the wall behind your monitor.

All of which will automatically calibrate itself to your room via a pair of 3D depth-sensing cameras that can detect and account for variables such as room lighting and furniture.

Again this is just a project at the moment, so don’t expect to see this for sale anytime soon, however, you can find out more about it on Razer’s website today.

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