Razer is normally most known for its hardware products including mouses, keyboards and more, however they also make a few software products too, the latest of which is their brand new application called Razer Cortex.

The app has been designed in order to use a number of tools that helps them to grab the best gaming deals from around the web, and even improve their PCs performance whilst playing games.

The main secion of the app is the ‘Deals’ section which uses a price comparison engine to provide gamers with the latest updates on price drops from all of the top digital game stores on the internet.

Razer already has 22,000 early access users for the application, and is quite proud of its creation, stating the following in their announcement:

“Razer Cortex: Deals scours the internet tirelessly to let you know of price drops, sweet deals and exciting promotions on your favorite games, so you’ll never miss out on another bargain. You can now grow your game library without ever overpaying a single cent.”

You can find out more information about the application, and even register for early access to the application at the source link below. The application will also only compare prices in the US for the time being. There’s no news on whether or not other countries will be supported in the future.

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